We Seeingthe future of the underwater industry catching up with technology



Tired of having videos of your underwater assets being unclear and leaving you with an uncertainty?

Then give UnderWater Diving Operator’s inspection ability a try. Watch how the difference in our equipment, can make an impact to your confidence.

Have your inspection done with credibility and report to your superiors with confidence when it is all done.






A norm for most diving companies here in Singapore. However, how much are you paying?
How long does it take?
Can I trust that they had done their jobs?

If these are your questions, then get ready to have your questions answered.
Using the latest in technology, built by UnderWater Diving Operators’ Resarch & Develpment team, it’s time to move into the future of underwater cleaning.

It faster, easier and therefore cheaper.And wouldn’t you trust a robot to get the job done correctly?



Time consuming, large equipment and lots of manpower…..this is the typical Underwater Construction.

But what if…..smaller, portable equipment were used instead of larger equipment that would take time to deploy?
……everything was done in the shortest possible time for the day’s work and then some?
……less resources such as manpower were then required?

We have the latest equipment, and a track record to boot.




Need to deploy boats, air surveillance and divers?
How about a team just to search for an object underwater?

UnderWater Diving Operators can help.
We have completed hundreds of Search & Recovery tasks.

If you look for us, we can find for you.








NDT is a serious requirement on oil-rigs, ships and structures.
Why not allow us to provide you with the one stop expertise that you would require?

UnderWater Diving Operators has trained divers in NDT and a customised detailed report for each job.
Drop us an email and let us know what you require.



Costs would be the first thing on your mind when it comes to salvaging your important asset(s).

We understand that….

Let us provide you a quote that you can’t refuse.
We make salvaging as simple and fast as possible so that you won’t need to break your bank.




Need classified underwater assistance or have a military operation that required commercial diving assistance?

UnderWater Diving Operators has knowledge in Special Operations and with military experiences.
We cater to military ships and assets. We have equipment that will exceed your expectations and results that will have you wondering.

Inquire with us for a meeting to see what we can offer.

All information and resources are strictly confidential. No inquiries will be entertained to discuss on the tasks or projects.
Please send an email to request a meet up.